“I have reached the age when if someone tells me to wear socks, I don’t have to.”

Freshers week is sadly approaching an end, but there’s still plenty left to do and I’ve definitely made the most of it (and managed to get drunk one night too!) On Wednesday I went to a Transition meeting, which is to do with the Sustainability Society, and we discussed ideas of how to make St Andrews University more environmentally friendly. I’m passionate about food and travel, especially in trying to push travel by land, since travelling all the way to Vietnam without flying! There is definitely no better way to travel, and it is ridiculous that people will fly from Edinburgh to London where it is so much more enjoyable taking the overnight train and cheaper too!

Then I joined my first society, the Jewish Society, and ate some really good food. Looking forward to taking part in a Shabbat here and there. Fingers crossed for the raffle. Finally I got to meet my adviser, and I couldn’t be happier, he is the nicest and friendliest guy ever. He was very excited by the fact that I’m the first student he’s met that is taking a module in Divinity. But seriously, if you want to be surrounded by really awesome grownups take Physics, and you can’t go wrong!

Yesterday morning I had my audition for the St Salvator’s Chapel Choir. It was really hard and very nerve wracking. The warm ups I could do, but when it came to the sight reading, I really screwed up as I just couldn’t fit my singing part to the accompaniment. Then I had to sing the top, middle, and bottom notes of a chord which I failed at as well. Luckily he gave me the option to sing my piece a cappella which I thankfully accepted and I didn’t forget my words which at least is a bonus. I find out tonight if I’m in, but I’m not expecting anything.

Unfortunately the croquet tryouts were cancelled due to bad weather, however Ballroom dancing was a lot of fun and I’d love to join but it’ll clash with my Russian evening language lessons. There are simply not enough days in the week. I also splashed out on some posters to enliven up the room, I have Einstein’s tongue presently above my head, a beautiful galaxy opposite, Back to the Future by the sink, and three black and white ones of James Bond (Sean Connery of course), a snogging couple, and Charlie Chaplin with a poor Victorian looking boy. I am tempted to buy a few more. And should I go to the Kate Kennedy Ball? Apparently it’s the ball of the year, rather expensive but delightful…

This morning I received my matriculation email so I am now officially a student! I must remember not to stand on the PH or else I’ll fail my degree, unless I jump into the sea on May the 1st. St Andrews is full of strange traditions, and I love it to bits! Last night I was adopted so I now have a father, he is called Ben and he’s studying Physics (score!) and he’s just wonderfully nice. Bring on the raisins!

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