Gown just off the shoulders.

Wow, not a single post since freshers week last year, and now it’s exactly that time of year again. Now to sum up an entire year into a short concise blog entry which will probably end up rambling on for ages. I’m also writing this on my iPod, crazy eh?

Anyway, first semester was brilliant. I loved every moment of astrophysics from getting my head around parallaxes to learning about how Hubble corrected Einstein. Physics turned out to be more like chemistry and didn’t agree with my head and maths was, well, maths except at 9 in the morning.

Second semester was a struggle without my daily fix of astrophysics but physics helped to ease the pain with quantum phenomena. Maths again. Let’s not go there.

At the end of the year I found myself becoming vice president of astrosoc and secretary of the juggling society. At the beginning of this year I’ve found myself volunteering for freshers week at the union and the matriculation ceremony as well as becoming an ambassador (fingers crossed).

Second year is great, it gives one the chance to do everything you didn’t manage to accomplish in first year. Like singing. And trampolining. Eating Tibetan food. Joining refet afrique. Gastronomic tours…

Other things I have done this year include planting baby trees at Chisholme, going to the mountains in the czech republic for an astronomy camp to look at clouds (yes I know I could’ve stayed in Scotland), and living in a yurt for a week learning about the Foundations of Natural Intelligence, eating food of the heavens and showering in the woods. I also have the pleasure of working in an awesome cafe, being surrounded by cupcakes and teapigs.

At present I am still recovering from the Sallies ceilidh, drowning in veg boxes, and preparing myself for the loss of my final milk tooth.

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