Although everything is listed in £, you will likely be able to get the equivalent in your currency!

  1. TransferWise – if you need to transfer money abroad, or to yourself because you are moving country, then TransferWise can do this for you at rates much lower than what your typical bank will offer.
  2. AirBnb – get £25 of travel credit for accommodation all across the world.
  3. – get 10% back on bookings for hostels, hotels etc. Also great because you can usually make reservations for free and free cancellations too!
  4. Plum – this app helps you save money effortlessly, regardless of what life throws at you.
  5. WeSwap – get £5 when you sign up. Access to 18 different currencies, exchanging directly with people and avoiding high bank fees.
  6. Colu – get £5 when you sign up. A digital wallet which allows you to pay local businesses and more.
  7. Bulb – provides gas and 100% renewable electricity at very competitive prices. You also get to deal with real human beings. Get £50 for free with this link.
  8. GiffGaff – a great mobile phone network who I have been using for years. No contracts! Get £5 for free with this link.
  9. Quidco – a reliable cashback rewards website. Get £5 for free with this link.
  10. American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card® – get 22,000 Membership Reward points (can be used as Avios/BA airmiles, etc.)
  11. Seedrs – an easy way to invest in companies (equity crowdfunding).