Funded Masters Programmes

Having researched endlessly for funded Masters programmes in Astrophysics (taught in English) across the world, I thought it would be a sensible idea to share what I have found.


AstroMundus – I graduated from the AstroMundus programme in 2016 and it was a pretty spectacular opportunity indeed. It involves living in up to 4 different countries (Austria, Italy, Germany and Serbia) and studying at well-renowned universities; Innsbruck, Padova, Rome, Göttingen and Belgrade. It brings young scientists together from every corner of the world, and provides a rather handsome scholarship (€1000 a month and extra for travel).

LJMU – Although not exactly funded, they offer a great distance learning MSc in Astrophysics which is much cheaper than other Master courses. It also means you can study from anywhere in the world.

Space Master – The AstroMundus equivalent of a joint European Master in Space Science and Technology.

Leiden – Located in the Netherlands, this Observatory has the reputation of being one of the best institutes in Europe for studying Astrophysics. Scholarships are available for up to €11,000 a year. For those interested in Astronomy and Instrumentation, there is also the Walraven Scholarship.

UvA – Also in the Netherlands, and also with some scholarships available.

SPaCE – A 2 year international programme focusing on theoretical, applied, numerical, instrumental and observational Astrophysics at the Aix-Marseille University in France. Fellowships available.

Copenhagen – At the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark you can find the Master of Science Programme in Physics, with specialisation in Astrophysics. They have scholarships available for outstanding non-EU/EEA MSc students (i.e. GPA above 80% of their Bachelors).

GRAPPA – Also at the University of Amsterdam, if you are a fan of AstroParticles and Cosmology then GRavitation AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam is for you. Scholarships are available for €25,000 a year.

MasterCosmosBCN – A Masters in High Energy Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology. Located in Barcelona, Spain. Few scholarships available.

Cambridge – A one year Master of Advanced Study in Astrophysics, with funding available from Trinity College. There is also a one year research only M.Phil in Astronomy.

Bonn-Cologne – Located in Germany, this programme offers a scholarship of €700 a month as well as funding for summer schools. There’s also a one-week Admissions Academy which is funded (including help with travel costs) where you get to visit the universities and meet the staff and fellow students. Great if you’re not 100% sure that you want to go in Astrophysics as there are other Physics courses available as well.

FAU – The Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany has a few scholarships available and a focus on Astroparticle Physics.

KU Leuven – Up to €10,000 scholarships are available at this University in Belgium.

Geneva – On offer are a great range of Physics courses with specialisation available in Astrophysics, as well as the opportunity to work with CERN, ESA or NASA. The Excellence Master Fellowships offer between 10,000 to 15,000 CHF a year (around €10,000 – €15,100).

EPFL – Also in Switzerland, Astrophysics courses are available in Lausanne. The university offers fellowships as well as scholarships. The first year is very skills-based and focused on practical work.

ICTP + Trieste – This is a two-year joint Masters in Physics (with courses in Astrophysics and Cosmology) between The International Centre for Theoretical Astrophysics and the University of Trieste, Italy. The scholarships available are aimed towards students from developing countries who already have an MSc (or an exceptional BSc).

Chalmers – Two-year Masters in Physics and Astronomy in Sweden. Tuition is free for EU/EEA students, with many scholarships for international students.

ISU – Master of Space Studies Program, located in Strasbourg, France.

SEEDS – This is a one year Master programme for people that already have a Master in a related Science. The focus is Space Exploration and Development Systems. Based in Torino (Italy) but also with connections in Toulouse (France) and Leicester (UK).

If Germany is somewhere you would like to study, DAAD offer scholarships for international students interested in studying a Masters. This opens up doors to Heidelberg or Munich for example.


ANU – The Australian National University has brand spanking new programme located in Canberra. There are scholarships of $10,000 (AUD) a year available (approx. €7075).

PSI – Perimeter Schools International is a 10 month Masters course in Ontario, Canada. It focuses mostly on Theoretical Physics some of which are astronomy related i.e. Relativity, Cosmology, Gravity, String Theory… Scholarships are worth $30,000 (CAD) = €21,856.

Chile – The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile offers a Masters programme with a variety of scholarships available.

Weizmann – The Feinberg Graduate School of the Weizmann Institute of Science, located in Rehovot, Israel, offers Masters programmes in Physics with specialisation in Astrophysics. Fellowships are worth NIS 5,000 in the first year and NIS 5,750 in the second (€1130 and €1300 a month, respectively).

Technion – Similarly, the Physics department at the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel offers specialisation in Astrophysics. Fellowships are available from the Lady Davis Trust worth $750 (€660) a month, as well as a return flight.

NASSP – If you fancy studying in South Africa then this programme is for you. The National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme offers grants of R95,000 (equivalent to approximately €7115) a year.

AIMS – The AIMS South Africa Research Centre offers Doctoral and Masters bursaries for research study.

Tokyo – This Masters programme in Japan has lots of different scholarships available to apply for, all around 144,000 yen a month (about €1060), however the university requires the GRE Physics exam.

In the USA they often combine Masters and PhDs together, and they are all fully funded.

This is by no means the full list of opportunities available, if you know of any other programmes please let me know. There are also many Universities which offer free tuition if you are an EU citizen (e.g. Aarhus, Munich; places in Scandinavia, Finland…)

On the other hand you may be able to get funding from elsewhere, perhaps an organisation like the Royal Astronomical Society or a trust such as the Leverhulme Trust. This would mean that you could study a Masters in Astronomy at Universities such as Groningen, Queen Mary, Glasgow, Jodrell Bank etc.



13 thoughts on “Funded Masters Programmes

  1. Hello and Thanks!
    I did my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering but I aspire to pursue a (funded) Masters in Astrophysics.

    Your coverage of EU is great!
    If possible, can you give me some information about such opportunities in the US too?

  2. Hi, this list was incredibly helpful, thanks a lot!

    The programme you’re currently enrolled in looks great, I have a few questions about it and I was wondering if you could help me out a bit?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. I read Physics and Astronomy for first degree. I want to apply for fully funded in Astrophysics. How can I go about it.

  4. can you provide more information about the SPaCE masters program?
    any link that contains more details about it would be very useful.

  5. Hello all Astromundus staffs,
    I was graduated with Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics,2016
    I have a great interest to study Master in Astrophysics.
    Please, Can you help me?
    Thank you!

  6. Am tagumira from uganda having a bachelor degree in education physics and math
    i got admission for masters in physics in busitema university eastern Uganda but have no tuition
    any body willing to push me pliz ,the

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