Student Conferences

[Last updated: 18th Feb 2018]

I always imagined that conferences must be super boring grown up adult events where people go to make connections in order to climb up the astronomical ladder hoping to make their claims to fame. I was lucky enough to come across such a thing as student conferences, I gave it a shot, and have never looked back since! Such conferences are usually heavily subsidised, with amazing opportunities to check out some really cool science facilities/institutes, not to mention all the people from all over the world that you get to meet!


ICPS – The International Conference for Physics Students is a heavily subsidised week long conference for students, taking place in a different European country every year, and is the only conference of its kind! Having attended two conferences thus far I can also say that it is a wonderful experience, meeting hundreds of students from all over the world and learning about all kinds of research. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to practice your presentation skills and go on some super cool excursions. In 2018 it will be in Finland!

EWASS – The European Week of Astronomy and Space Science will be taking place in Liverpool, April 2018. It is organised by EAS, the European Astronomical Society. There will be many symposia and prizes.

PLANCKS – The Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students is a contest, symposium and scientific excursion packed event. It will take place in Zagreb, Croatia in May, 2018.

Open Readings – This is the Scientific Conference for Students of Physics and Natural Sciences, taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania in March, 2018.


CAPS – Close to my heart is the Conference for Astronomy and Physics Students, I’ve attended one in Sheffield (2012) and helped to organise one in St Andrews (2014). It’s only for students who are members of the IoP (anyone can join for free or cheaply), but it really is an awesome experience. It will be in Newcastle, June 2018!

CUWiP – The Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics in the UK will be returning! It will place at Oxford University in March 2018; in 2015 it was a pretty amazing experience to stay in one of the colleges and meet Dame Jocelyn Bell!

NAM – The National Astronomy Meeting is organised by the RAS each year. This year combined with EWASS, in Liverpool 2018.

NSSC – The UKSEDS National Student Space Conference features talks by leading space science and industry figures, a careers fair, and more. It’ll be in March 2018 in Surrey.


CUWiP – These conferences for women studying Physics across the US is what inspired the UK CUWiP to come into being!


Space Generation Congress – For those more interested in the Space Sector, the SGC 2018 will be taking place in Bremen, Germany in September. They’re always looking for volunteers.

CAP2018 – Communicating Astronomy with the Public conference, taking place in Japan in March 2018.

ICWIP – The International Conference on Women in Physics takes place every three years, so stay tuned until 2020 for the next one.


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