Summer and Winter Schools

[Last updated: 19th March 2023]

I’ve tried to find all of the Schools which include masters students and below, not only PhD students. However, if you happen to be a PhD student, look here and here for lots more opportunities.


JWST Training School – [New!] Free training school held in Tenerife, Spain in June.

Scientific Communication in Astronomy School – Held in October in Bologna, Italy. For early career researchers.

Instrumentation School – An astronomical instrumentation school on integral-field spectroscopy. Held in May 2023 in Milan, Italy. For M.Sc/PhD students in astronomy or engineering.

OPTICON Proposal Writing – Virtual school held online, offering an introductory-level overview of the proposal writing process. Held in Spring, 2023.

Institute of Space Sciences Summer School – Held in Barcelona, July. For Masters students and above. Scholarships available.

VOSS – The 18th Vatican Observatory Summer School will be held in June. Open to undergrads and postgrads, with some financial support available.

Summer School of Science – Aimed at high-school students with a strong interest in science with hands-on experience working in small groups on a specific project. Located in Croatia.

PSI – The Petnica Summer Institute is located in Serbia and covers a range of topics in both Astrophysics and AstroParticles.

Alpach – Every year visit the Tyrol region (mountains!) of Austria to learn about space!

IMPRS – A summer school in Heidelberg, Germany, hosted by Max Planck. Held annually.

ERIS – The Europea​n Radio Interferometry School usually takes place in Sweden in October. 

Astrosoma – A school near Moscow covering the state of the art theory, simulations and observations related to cosmology and structure formation. The school welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, and postdocs.


MMA – [New!] São Paulo Advanced School on Multi-Messenger Astrophysics, Brazil. Financial assistance available.

LSSDS – [New!] La Serena School for Data Science, takes place in La Serena, Chile, every year in August.

Dunlap – A five day summer school for those interested in astronomical instrumentation in Toronto, Canada.

ISSYP – The International Summer School for Young Physicists is a two-week program for high school students with a keen interest in theoretical physics who intend to pursue physics at the university level.

Fermi – The Fermi Summer School is located in Delaware, USA, and focuses on analysing data from Fermi. For graduate students and postdocs.

ISYA Mexico – The International School for Young Astronomers is a three-week international postgraduate school, taking place in Mexico in July-August, 2023.


ASP – The African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications has bursaries and full support available. It takes place annually in a different country each year.

PASEA – The Pan-African School for Emerging Astronomers is held every two years in Africa. Mainly for undergraduates.

BMAAS – The BIUST-MPG African Astronomy School is a two-week residential astronomy school for ~ 30 graduate and advanced undergraduate students who are starting on astronomy research in Africa.

ISYA South Africa – The International School for Young Astronomers is a three-week international postgraduate school, taking place in South Africa in Nov-Dec, 2023.

ArAS – [New!] An Advanced ArAS School for Astrophysics held at the Kottamia Astronomical Observatory, Egypt, in September.


Kavli – The Kavli Summer Program in Astrophysics is a 6 week programme for graduate students. Mainly for PhD students and sometimes advanced Master students.

AWSA – The Arab Winter Schools for Astrophysics take place in the Middle East / North Africa in October each year.

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