Hypnotic Mondays

I am definitely feeling settled in now, having had quite a few school dinners, some Physics talks and lots of free goodies. Yesterday Sallies put on a ceilidh where we all crammed in together and danced into each other. No one really knew what they were doing, and kept looking at me to help them, so they were depending on my awful directions which didn’t make things any easier! But everyone was definitely having fun, especially the Americans, or so it seemed.

A friend and I left a bit early to make it in time to the Hypnosis night. I definitely had no idea what I was in store for. He asked the audience who would like to be hypnotised and invited us up to the stage. As we went through the tasks he gave us, one by one he picked us off to go back to the audience. We ended with about 10 of us. Some of the things we had to do were pretending we could control whether or not the audience had clothes on or not by clapping our hands, or having a pet monkey, or sitting next to the man of our dreams, or stripping (but still keeping our clothes on of course). It sounds very strange I know, but I guess you had to be there, the audience seemed to be enjoying it! It was strange though, as I never felt hypnotised, I just felt like I was going along with it, but I did feel very sleepy and relaxed.

It’s crazy how much stuff there is to get sorted, such as matriculation and seeing your adviser and trying to comprehend all the different choirs and scholarships and auditions and sometimes I feel like my head might implode. Luckily I have discovered a grand plan as to how to get by without finding a part time job! This morning I signed myself up to be a guinea pig at the Psychology department and I got paid for looking at a screen and pressing a different button depending on whether the letters were D, T, X, or M.

All the things that I have to do, or am planning on doing are Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Hebrew, Russian on Mondays, Singing lessons on Tuesdays, joining a choir but I don’t have a clue as to which one, Astronomy Society, and hopefully a sport if I can squeeze one in!

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