Smoking pipes and a three legged pub crawl

So here I am, sitting in my larger than expected room with trees outside the window and some glorious looking drizzle. My roommate is from Singapore and she is lovely and luckily we both have good balance when walking with our legs tied together. I have met countless people, and embarrassingly I think that everyone cannot be a fresher by the way they carry their confidence. I remember only five names. Not too shabby. Unexpectedly I still have to shy away when I say that I am doing Astrophysics as everyone goes ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’. I have met a few other Physicists, but no Astrophysicists as of yet. But have hopefully landed myself an Astronomy book in the process.

Yesterday was a long day, getting up at six, and crossing the Firth of Forth took around three quarters of an hour. Although people at the time weren’t impressed with my directions that took the slightly longer route through all the towns, it definitely paid off as I later discovered from all the students that the traffic was awful on the main road. Score! We made it to the town of Balmullo after much arguing over directions we eventually rolled over the hills to find Miffy’s future abode. The parents are impressed, it is a wonderful little cottage although somewhat isolated and our Christmas dinner is only a few metres away, we can see them from the window even. We went to Cupar for lunch and it was such a relief to me that everyone really enjoyed the place that I picked, mum even said that it was one of the best restaurants that she had ever been too (extremely shocking if you know her!)

Arriving through the gates of St Salvator’s (aka Sallies) was a very peculiar sight. Right outside gathered men gowned in their red robes smoking pipes. I had to remind myself that I was in St Andrews, not Oxbridge. Oh well, they were friendly enough, although somewhat drunk on red wine, but they helped us with all my luggage, most importantly. I was soon left to my own devices, after we had gone underwear shopping and explored the dining room, common room (with a grand piano), games room (snooker and table tennis tables!), but I still haven’t found the library.

My biggest fear now is that won’t be able to fit everything in this week, my diary is chock-a-block and just keeps on growing. Today is luckily quite relaxed with only lunch, a town tour, the Warden’s Welcome and a Pizza Party and then Tribal Warfare between the Halls at the union (our colour is red, wahey!) But the rest of the week I wish to do Trampolining, Badminton, (and maybe Shinty apparently a more violent version of hockey with less rules or as John Cleese called it “Scottish Kamikaze Hockey”, then check out the Jewish Society, the Astronomy Society, join the Music Centre and audition for St Salvator’s Chapel Choir, go to some pub quizzes, some BBQs, do some ballroom dancing and of course a ceilidh, and so much more.

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