Here are all the movies I have made, with corresponding links to the blog entries. Sadly nothing of St Andrews, shame.

After Innsbruck came Padova, my second semester of the AstroMundus Masters programme, where I squeezed in a trip to Tuscany.
Auf Wiedersehen – 15/2/2015
Toscana – 2/3/2015

My first semester of the AstroMundus Masters programme took place in Innsbruck, Austria, and involved lots of hikes in the surrounding Alps, as well as, most notably, Krampusnacht in South Tirol!
Gravity is not a Force – 16/10/2014
Traditions of the Tirol – 18/12/2014

After the IAYC (Astro Camp) I took part in ICPS (Physics conference) in Heidelberg, then headed to Arles, France to visit friends. On the way I stopped by in Lausanne, Switzerland, and Annemasse, France, ticking off a few more friends along the way. 😛
Here, there and everywhere – 18/8/2014
Hitchhiking in the Sun (and the Rain) – 1/10/2014

Between Romania and the IAYC (Astro Camp) I did some travelling with a dear friend.
Here, there and everywhere – 18/8/2014

After graduating from St Andrews I headed to Romania to live with a family in the tiny village of Berzasca and teach English in the local school. I also did a bit of Couchsurfing in Arad and Oradea.
Citizen of Rome – 14/7/2014

In the Winter holidays of my final year, I thought it would be a really good idea to go on a retreat in the Sahara desert a week before my 6000 word literature review was due…
Desert Rain – 21/1/2014

As I travelled back to Europe again I had a pitstop in Vancouver where I met up with some couchsurfers and saw lots of super freaky awesome jellyfish. Seeing buildings older than 150 years was a glorious feeling.
Back from there again – 13/8/2013

The even better half of Hawaii, walking and cooking sausages and marshmallows on lava, visiting the Southern-most point of the USA, finding one of only two green sand beaches in the world, seeing what Costco is really like, checking out the highest lake in the world, the first ever Hilo Pride, more volcanos, more observatories, more volunteering…
There’s no place like Hawaii – 17/7/2013

Hawaii was so amazing I had to split it into two parts. Initially I saw a bit of Honolulu, then headed to the Big Island where I went to the summit of Mauna Kea, and spent most of my time in Hilo and the surrounding areas exploring with friends.
Lei, lady, lei – 6/6/2013
Why I’m really in Hawaii – 25/6/2013

On my way to Hawaii I stopped by at an Earthship in Selkirk, Manitoba, I visited Canmore located in the stunning Rocky Mountains, I checked out the biggest mall in the Western world in Edmonton, and went to Robert’s Creek to have the best fish and chips in Canada.
Earthship Manitoba – 19/5/2013
Winnipeg to the Sunshine Coast – 26/5/2013
Not so Sunshine Coast – 3/6/2013

Winter 2013 includes all sorts of places across Canada (London, Pinery, and a motorbike trip all around Southern Ontario) and the USA (New York, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Michigan, and New Orleans) during my year abroad.
The US of A – 14/1/2013
Life and stuff – 19/2/2013
Nawlins: A city of many faces – 24/2/2013
What’s in a blog – 10/3/2013
Rules and regulations – 4/5/2013
Farewell London – 13/5/2013

I made my first movie back in 2012, as I was heading to Canada for my year abroad, for my third year of my undergraduate studies. There are clips from Edinburgh and Chisholme in Scotland, and Autumn in Ontario, Canada.
Omg omg omg omg Canada! – 9/9/2012
Suzanne – 15/9/2012
Viagra Falls – 17/9/2012
To dread or not to dread – 25/9/2012
Homecoming is not like coming home – 30/9/2012
Time? – 6/10/2012
We Ate the Children Last – 17/10/2012
Shredded beef – 3/11/2012
Fish and crisps – 18/11/2012
Embrace – 20/12/2012


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