The beginning of the end.

Since my return to St Andrews I’ve barely stopped to breathe. 9 days later and I’ve finally managed to find the time to organise the chaos that was my room and even write this blog entry. As I stepped off the bus, the clouds dispersed and the sun shone, lighting up the town in the way that St Andrews shows off it’s stunning colours. It was very strange to be walking the same narrow, cobbled streets again, yet wonderfully pleasant. I got a bit of a shock when I got home; I went straight for my room only to find people still living there. They were a bit useless, having been told to move out before my arrival, and didn’t move out until two days later. One of the best things about returning is not having to worry about making friends anew, thus it was easy to find friend’s floors to crash on. Having lived out of a backpack for most of the summer and being nomadic at heart, I embraced my homeless existence that little bit longer. People have often said that the hardest thing about returning is that everything is the same, yet you’ve changed. I can happily say that this is true, but it hasn’t so far had any negative impact whatsoever.

Initially I spent most of my time reacquainting myself with the beaches and pubs. Oh how I missed pubs! I’ve caught up with old friends and also enjoyed the company of the exchange students from London (Ontario). It’s nice to be able to talk about London, without confusion as to its location, as well as discussing the contrasts between here and there. I am very chuffed to have adopted an academic child, one of the exchange students, meanwhile my wife and I are currently relishing in plan-making (i.e. plotting) for Raisin Weekend.

It’s been great absorbing myself in the society lifestyle again and feeling reunited with the Physics family. I’ve helped with some of the orientation events for the Physics freshers and met some pretty cool and enthusiastic kids (my team won the drawing contest with our amazing haggis). On the other hand I’ve been to the pub with some awesome Physics lecturers. There’s been lots of cheese and lots of wine. It’s easy to go to endless events and live off free food, yet I’m expecting that this will not last for long and I’ll eventually have to cook something.
I was  part of AstroSoc’s BBQ and Rocket Launching event. My domain was the rockets; many hours were spent researching which ones to purchase, as well as a good few more hours building the actual things. The day of the launch I had only slept for one hour, having been to a Creative Lock-In overnight consisting of music, life drawing and lots of hipsters, so I was rather surprised that the rocket actually launched (considering that every time I tried in Canada it failed). The rocket went higher and higher and higher, the parachute did it’s job, and the wind gently persuaded the rocket to fall directly into some unfortunately large trees. Alas, for we had enough engines for another 5 launches. I was desperately upset, likely enhanced by the lack of sleep.

This year I am determined to become an amazing Swing dancer. I find it so hard to dance with a partner and follow, I think too much and I nearly always give up when I don’t get good at something immediately. But I’ve now paid membership so I will not give up! I am desperately waiting for the day when I can start singing again, I’ve missed it so much. We will be singing Handel’s Messiah which will undoubtedly be impossibly epic. I will also have a new singing teacher, so I hope she’s good. I also do Psychology experiments here and there for a wee bit of pocket money. In addition, I watched a Hispanic movie that I cannot remember the name of, enjoyed drumming along to the Folk and Trad Society, became a member of a local brewery, bought some trainers which make my heels bleed, discovered Cheeky Vimtos (port with Blue WKD), attended a student UN debate about Syria, hosted a potluck, and saw some epic fireworks which could have provided scholarships to many students in need.

I don’t usually keep up my blogging when in familiar surroundings because of the normality. But I’ll be doing some particularly unique modules this year so I will likely be reflecting on those at some stage. So far my lectures and classes have been amazing, I’ve felt more confident than I have since I was at high school. I’ve been answering questions in lectures, and staying behind to ask questions and elaborations. I’m determined to get a head start and get help, thanks to all that I’ve been through in the past year.
The only thing that sucks is that British houses are all freezing; yes, Canada is way colder, but at least they have decent heating!

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