The Lonely Traveller

Having a constantly changing environment is stimulating. I’ve been to 4 primary schools, 3 high schools, and as of now, 2 universities. As a result, I tend to erratically twitch if I am in the same place for longer than two years. I need things to be constantly changing; I relish the challenge of adapting to different environments. This constant shifting means that I’ve met countless people from all over the world and I can usually find connections everywhere I turn. But are these friendships temporary, fleeting? Soon I will move on again and we may forget one another regardless of the fact that we are Facebook friends. With some, friendships can take years to mature, yet with others you click from the moment you meet. Whenever I move it’s the chance for a fresh start. But every time I’m about to leave, it seems that that is when my closest friends appear, I don’t know why, but it just happens. Then everything gets turned upside down and vigorously shaken like a snow globe.

When on the actual road, travelling, chilling somewhere, travelling again, and hanging out somewhere else; it’s a completely different experience in itself. You are never alone; you are surrounded by people constantly, whether couchsurfing, at a hostel, on the train, the bus… Yet simultaneously you can be lonely. You meet the most incredible people and get to know them intensely in a space of a few days, what feels like months, yet soon you go on your separate ways and everything that has just been built up is now severed. New people show up to take their place but they’re not as cool and you’re left feeling a little bit empty, because you’ll likely never see any of these people ever again. Then you freak out because the world is too big with too many awesome people in it that you might never even meet and if you do meet them it might only be for an instant.

To some, I am sure that I appear like I have commitment issues. In my defence, I am simply trying to make the most of the world and all that it has to offer, taking every opportunity that I can get. All in all, I have an endless collection of memories that I have shared with you, with countless many to come. Food and drinks have been shared, stories exchanged, and mountains climbed. Where ever I have been, I remember you, and I am grateful for our friendship and your company, even if only temporary. I wonder what you’re doing now, and if you remember me too.

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