So a couple weeks ago I wrote the best blog of my entire life and of course it got deleted. There is nothing more off putting. Now that exams are all over and done with I’ll try again.

The main highlight was a party that I went to, I think I worked out that it was the first time I’d gone out in about two months. It started off by meeting a couple of couch surfers and going to see the christmas lights being turned on in the park. The lights were rather disappointing actually, too bright and colourful and garish. They also had this full on band playing cheesy Christmas music on stage. We went for a drink after and I had originally planned on going to a university social thing but ended up going to a movember party instead with the surfers of couches. Thank god. This party was like no other, I mean we pretty much achieved world peace.

It all started when we were playing this game. It entailed cards with phrases on them that can be used to make sentences that are rude and politically shocking. The judge will have a card which has a sentence on it, which contains a blank. The players have to choose a card from their selection that can make the most horrifying sentence possible.

On one occasion the judge had a card that read ‘war is good for ____.’ I had a card that said ‘the Jews’. So I went for it. The judge looks through all of the cards and picks a winner. She picked mine, ‘because I’m a palestinian’. Everyone found this awkwardly funny until I said ‘and I’m Jewish!’ Everyone is in this stunned silence, the game had gone too far. But the next thing I know, she had embraced me in this whole encompassing hug of compassion and humility for what felt like an eternity. People may have simply sighed a huge breath of relief or they may have been clapping and cheering I can’t quite remember. I was just too caught up in this incredible hug.

Other than that I haven’t done anything quite as exciting. I discovered why canadians are able to study much more than I can and that is simply because all of them (i.e. the physics students that I know) go by with only 4 hours of sleep a night. Now that is a seriously unfair advantage. I need my sleep. And they’re getting an extra 28 hours a week to study! That’s a good excuse right?

Oh and they’re all crazy about fitness and going to the gym everyday (who has time for that malarky!?) except no one wants to walk anywhere. Ever!

And have I complained about the 24 hour clock yet? It just doesn’t get used. Bus timetables are far more confusing than they need to be. They don’t even say AM or PM.

Exams were a horrible nightmare. I actually found myself falling asleep I was so exhausted. And yes I was sleeping enough. Having a 3 and a half hour exam and then another 3 hour exam a few hours later (twice) is so tiring. Let alone having exams at seven at night. But whatever. It’s over now. E&M turned out to be the worst exam of my entire life, hoping that I did well enough to pass, fingers crossed.

Since exams have been over I have visited my aunt, bought the pinkest jeans in the entire world, gone glow pin blowing, saw an amazing jazz concert entirely for free, changed a nappy for the first time and gone to Toronto. I’m actually in Toronto right now, I got up at 6 in the morning to see a friend who’s also on exchange from St Andrews at a different university. I spent the day wondering around aimlessly, saw the university buildings, walked by the CN tower, sat and chilled at the quay, then went to a humongous art gallery. I spent two hours there and probably saw only a tiny fraction of all that they have to offer. The special exhibition contained endless works of art by Frida and Diego. I had never actually heard of them before but it seems like they are incredibly famous. At first I was put off by the her monobrow and moustache but she quickly grew on me. Her life was astounding, a passionate love between her and an artist at least twice her size and 20 years her elder, as well as polio and a near death experience with a bus. As well as influences from communism and having Trotsky as their guest in Mexico and rumoured affairs.

I finally met my friend and it was so lovely despite being short and sweet. We basically complained the whole time about how hard all of the assignments and study ethic has been. We of course gossiped about Canadian men and how different they are. She also told me crazy stories about the students at her university, how they have these gold jackets which they paint purple and then slam against pavements and trample over them with cars. Totally bizarre.

I can now see the CN tower in the window and it’s all lit up in red and green. The Canadian’s really love to colour everything as garishly as possible.

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