Fish and crisps.

Totally stumped on this Classical Mechanics question. So here I am!

I have been getting very exhausted with all of this constant studying, it never ends. My midterms are finally over though, hurrah! However, exams are in less than three weeks, and before then I have my computer simulations project to start and complete (about exoplanet transits which will be awesome), more assignments, and somehow revision as well. Trying to not freak out. And whilst all you St Andrews students are complaining and feeling sorry for yourselves about a 14 week semester without a Reading Week and exams having moved to before Christmas, I am on a 16 week semester with no Reading Week nor a Revision Week before exams. So no I do not feel sorry for you. Not at all. And you guys have a 5/6 week holiday before term starts again. I have 3. Oh and my Astro exam has moved to 9am on a Monday morning. No big deal you say? I have a 5 hour Classical Mechanics exam the night before. 7pm – 12am. Think I’ll just sleep in the Physics department.

Ok, sorry, I’ll stop moaning now.

Approximately 5 years ago whilst I was at Hawick High School, the staff had asked a certain Professor Douglas Scott to come in to speak to me. Originally from Hawick, he did Astrophysics at Edinburgh and then a PhD at Cambridge and is now a Professor in Vancouver. So I emailed him to say hello and he replied saying that he was coming to London to give a talk a week later! Unbelievable.

I met him on Thursday and we talked for an hour, I asked about how to go about getting internships over the summer in Canada. He said that I can get an internship no problem if I can volunteer for free and if I can get a reference from someone well known within the Astrophysics world. However, students normally work for 3 months to actually get a half decent project done, because it takes at least 1 month to get your head around the new software and new programming language etc. I can apply for funding up to a maximum of 8 weeks from St Andrews/Carnegie Trust. But the norm is pretty much 6 weeks. So do I spend 6 weeks learning a new software and barely skimming the surface of a project or do I find something else to do, which will provide a better experience for me? I feel that I won’t end up in the world of Astrophysics research, I can’t see myself doing computer programming for the rest of my life. I need to be out in the world with people. I want telescopes and observatories and practical Astrophysics. So another option is Outreach. Or scientific journalism or something…

I have yet another complaint about Canadian fast food. I was taken for shawarma, apparently the best thing ever, and the portion was tiny and tasted completely average. Again. Scottish fast food totally kicks ass.

I met with a girl last week who I met at Astronomy Camp, she lives a couple hours away. We explored Downtown together, went to the Covent Market which is totally insane but awesome. There is so much in there and it’s so confusing and it is already Christmas crazy. Went to an amazing tea place which has more than 200 different kinds of tea. I had an Earl Grey which had bits of lavender in it, should have stuck to plain old Earl Grey. I then had a sweet chai. Splendiferous. Went to the most awesome restaurant, really retro funky colours and posters and a meal and a half. Had fish and chip sliders, which turned out to be little tiny buns with tiny battered fish pieces and crisps inside. I ordered salad with it, which was humungous. Luckily my friend had ordered chip type things, if she hadn’t I would have had no chips with my fish and I would be complaining again.

I now know my Physics friends even better and they really are quite different to British physicists. Canadians are much more open minded. The word homeopathy came into conversation and there was no screaming, shouting, or flailing involved whatsoever. I was very shocked. They are also fine with spirituality. 

It was my housemates birthday this week, I baked her a cheesecake which had pieces of brownie in it. It was epic. I got her a penguin onesie (and couldn’t resist getting myself one too – I have an owl). They are even better than the best thing since sliced bread. I have been wearing mine all day. I also baked some banana bread last night and have eaten almost half of it.

Went to the Poetry Slam again last night. It was surprisingly different from last time. The presenter was different, the poets were mostly different and the guest poet was incredible. She totally blew my socks off.

4 thoughts on “Fish and crisps.

  1. bensowner

    I think homeopathy is being outlawed here Boots now only have Arnica and Jim Lees says it is not allowed to send in the Mail. How’s the classical mechanics question now? xxxxxx

    1. I knew it must be Middle Eastern, but didn’t recognise the name from Israel, so thought it must be from elsewhere. I am sure it is absolutely delicious in Lebanon however. Here it was like a kebab, but in wrap form…

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