Shredded beef.

Hello November. Where did you come from!? Appearing ever so sneakily whilst I wasn’t looking.

My life has radically changed since last I was here. I feel much more grounded and I am now studious, and I’m enjoying it. I’m actually enjoying studying until 1am every night and not being in a million societies and going out all the time. Who knew?

I’m getting to know the Physics students pretty well now and they’re all really helpful with assignments and such like and they’re so friendly. My confidence has really boosted, and my tutor is officially amazing, he always brightens my day and makes Physics seem beautiful again. He undercharges me every week and has given me two of his textbooks. I am currently disparing because he told me that he’s leaving at the end of this year. Whatever will I do without him?…

Occasionally I get up to some seriously awesome stuff. Thanks to couchsurfing. I went to a Poetry Slam. And I got asked to be a judge! It was nerve wracking but oh so invigorating. These sentences are really short. The poetry was really inspirational though, and ranged from more rap style-esque stuff to sweet, sincere and romantic; I felt moved. The toughed thing about the night was the judging because I started scoring too low and had to stay low to be consistant. This resulted in people booing at me constantly, in a nice way, but still it was pretty stressful! I felt like Simon Cowell, his mother’s maiden name is Dalgleish (don’t ask me why I know that) so maybe we’re related or something.
I felt entirely inspired by the end of the night and went home and wrote a poem, I’d like to recite a poem there one day… It was such a wonderful and crazy atmosphere, everyone is alive and they all click their fingers to show support to the poets when they stumble, or when they say something truly awesome.

I also managed to enjoy some of the autumn colours one day by going for a walk in one of the massive parks located within the city. It was with the couchsurfers of course, and again the day was filled with good conversation intwined with some beautiful scenery. And then I went to see my Aunt and had a lovely time talking all about the craziness of my family history.

Ok, want to mention a few more culture contrasts. Such as coffee. Everyone is so obsessed with the black stuff. I can even drink it now (with at least three sugars of course) but I still don’t see what all the fuss is about. Then there was Halloween, so many houses had been fully kitted out since the beginning of October with spiders and skeletons dangling from trees and giant cobwebs everywhere. People keep saying “At the end of the day.” And do people not know how to use a 24 hour clock? All times only consist of going up to the 12th hour. If I’m looking at a bus time table what the hell is it saying, there’s no PM no AM no nothing!

I finally made it to a thrift store. It’s supposedly a charity shop, but it’s a supermarket of clothes at the same time. Did find a lot of stuff though, got some trousers, boots, tops and my first ever record. Stevie Nicks. Not a bad start to the collection eh? I’ve also had compliments on my fashion/style from these two guys in Physics, which seems to be the norm, guys are so different here. (I know what you’re thinking and no, one of them has a girlfriend and the other I think is maybe gay).

I also met with the exchange coordinator here, and it’s funny because she had absolutely no clue that there was an exchange student here. I was ironically at a seminar which was about going on exchange (I have no idea if that’s actually ironic) and the speaker asked if anyone had ever heard of St Andrews and I excitedly waved my hand about in the air like a five year old. She asked me to give a little schpiel about it so I did and thus this was how the coordinator got to know of my existence. Anyway, we met and ended up talking for an hour, she is lovely and desperately tried to persuade me to do a Masters. I remembered someone from Astro camp telling me about Astromundus, a two year Masters course that he is currently doing and it involves going to a different University every semester in a different European country. So that’s 4 countries in 2 years studying. I want.

And finally, this morning I met up with the couchsurfers again for my first experience of eating out in Canada. I wasn’t all that impressed by my Canadian breakfast too be honest. Scottish breakfasts are way better! I had a weird kind of shredded beef, and was expecting some tasty hash browns but they were shredded into tiny little pieces! Oh the shame. The despair. Then I had some rhubarb crumble in pie form. Again, nothing special. And yes, I am pretty stuffed.

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